Name: Etienne

Gender: Male

Age: 24

K-pop and Mand-Pop Obsessions:

Things You Are Most Likely To Find Here: Super Junior, Exo, F.cuz, Lunafly, VIXX, JPM, Fei Lun Hai, TimeZ, JJCC, SpeXial, Spica, F(x), Mamamoo.

Also there will be figure skating (special fondness for Denis Ten, all of Team Japan, all of Team China, all of team Korea, and a variety of others as the mood strikes me, I try not to love Juniors for fear of disappointment, but it doesn't work). I also like snakes (especially reticulated pythons and carpet pythons) and post them often.

So has tumblr decided to not let you actually use the read more message on fanmails for anyone else? Because it’s annoying. Tumblr message system really needs to be fixed.

Tatsuki Machida, Don’t Stop Me Now || World Dream Skaters on Ice 2011 (x)


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Happy 23rd Birthday to F.CUZ’s Kan!! ~ Sorotsu


Happy 23rd Birthday to F.CUZ’s Kan!!

~ Sorotsu


Happy Kan Day! ♥


Happy Kan Day! ♥

New Mandpop/Kpop Obsessions Post

My old post for this was getting a pain to keep up to date and edited, and there have been changes to my biases and to my bias groups, so I figured I should make a new one at last. I will list biases and ships for each one. When I say ships, I’m short handing favorite interactions which I think show good or interesting chemistry (I don’t have much differentiation between friendship and relationship ships).

Let’s start with mand pop this time. I’ve been into mand pop (cpop, whatever you want to call it) for longer (since 1999 with a bit of a break because college was distracting). So here are my favorite groups and who you are likely to see here:


They have quickly risen into the spot of one of my all time favorite groups. They were great as a four member group, and they’ve remained great with their three new members. I got into them right around the time they added the new members, so there wasn’t really the surprise new members thing for me. Biases: MingJie! Closely followed by WeiJin, then ZiHong and Evan. They are all super cute though. Ships: not really sure yet, but MingJie and WeiJin are hilarious together, and MingJie helping Evan with Chinese and stuff is super cute, and I basically like MingJie with all my other favorites.


Another all time favorite group. Basically, my two favorite members of Lollipop absconded with my favorite member of Choc7 to make an awesome group of awesome. I adore their music, and they are all three pretty awesome and adorable. Bias: MaoDi. Ships: not really? I love how MaoDi and XiaoJie interact, and it makes me happy that WangZi and XiaoJie stuck together as part of a group.

Feilunhai (Farenheit)

They’re not really active as a group now, but I still adore them, and I follow Aaron and Calvin’s solo things some. They were the first pop group that I ever got into because a friend’s mom gave me their first album after she came back from visiting family in Taiwan right around the time of their debut, and I’ve loved them ever since. I still wish they would do things as the group again though, and Calvin needs to release a solo album already. Biases: Aaron, Calvin. Ships: Aaron/Calvin being the cutest together. But really pretty much all direction of Feilunhai are adorable.


I got into them because of the collaborations they did with Feilunhai, and I really love a lot of their songs. I never followed them super closely, but I was sad that they weren’t super active when I came back to mand pop. Bias: Ella (but I really like Hebe too). Ships: not really, or yes all three of them, not sure which applies.

Wang LeeHom

Not a group, but he was my first true pop music love. I’ve been obsessed with his music since 1999, when I was ten and first heard his stuff from the same person who brought me the Feilunhai album. Basically, LeeHom is responsible for me being into any pop music at all, and I still adore him.

Kpop time now (there are a few groups in here who are blurry though). I’m putting these in very ish order, but partially in the order they come to mind.


I was marginally aware of them from the time of their debut, but they didn’t really hook my interest until Hyde, then I went back and watched everything they’ve ever done, and they are marvelous. They are one of my absolute favorite groups ever, and I love them to bits. Biases: Taekwoon, Hongbin. Ships: LeoBin, NKen, Navi, HyuKen. I think that they are pretty shippable in many directions, and they are all so cute.


I absolutely adore F.cuz, in fact, they may be my favorite Kpop group, and they are a seriously under noticed group. They have improved so much since their debut, and while they’ve had some lineup changes and agency issues, they’ve stayed so good and kept growing as a group. I really think that their lineup changes have actually made them stronger as a group in the long run. I got into the group a few days before LeeU announced his departure from the group, so that was interesting, but I am so proud that they have kept on going. I love that they have all gotten to be such good singers now! Bias: YeJun (though I love all of them), and a growing fondness for DaeGun. Ships: JinJun.


From how much I post, it might seem like they’re my favorite group, but that is mostly a volume thing. I love them to bits, but they’re around third to fifth (definitely in my top five though). I’ve followed them since the teaser days, and it was Yixing and Sehun’s teaser that really sold me on the group because the song and the choreo were both so good. I’ve continued to be impressed with most of the things they’ve done (but Wolf folks… Even if it does amuse me, and other things on the album were good). I’m still sad over YiFan leaving, and he was one of my Exo biases, but I will support him in his solo career and love the rest of them in what they choose to do. Biases and ships will only consist of current members, and if you want to know more about what I think on the split and his dynamics with the rest of the group in the past, send me an off anon message and we can talk. Biases: (in ish order) Jongdae, Yixing, Tao, Kyungsoo, Kai. Ships: ChenXing, KaiSoo, ChenSoo, TaoChen, TaoXing, KaiChen, basically all possible variations on ChenXingTaoKaiSoo, ChanHun. I actually appreciate almost all possible pairings in Exo, with a few small exceptions. If you care to know what I don’t ship, ask off anon.


Voice voice voice! These ladies have grown on me so much and they are so stunning! I pretty much love all of their songs, and I cannot repeat enough how amazing their voices are. I am so happy with their US debut and the fact that they are planning a Chinese language debut a well. Bias: Bohyung. Ships: Jiwon and Juhyun have amazing and hilarious dynamics. I’ve not really thought about it too much though because I’m too focused on their voices.

Super Junior

They were my first kpop group that I got really into. I have a much greater love for SJM than the rest of the group, but I do love the group pretty strongly. I have a lot of feelings and opinions about their history as a group, but this is another message me off anon and we can talk thing. Biases: Ryeowook, Sungmin, Zhou Mi. Closely followed by Kyuhyun and Henry. Ships: RyeoMin, QMi, HenHae, WookMi, MiMin, KyuWook, HenWook, HenMin, pretty much everyone with Heechul.


For a long time F(x) was the only kpop girl group I was super into. I still love them to bits, and I really wish that they got the chance to do more things group wise. Biases: Amber, Victoria. Ships: I love Amber and Victoria’s dynamics. They are adorable and silly.


This is another seriously underrated group. They’re one of the actual “bands” in kpop, in that they write and play a lot of their own music. They are so talented, and I love their voices. I also love that they do English and Korean versions of most of their songs. Bias: Teo. Ships: YunTeo.


I kind of worry about LC9 as a group, but I also really love what they’ve done to date. Having lost a member early is rough, and having their leader doing his military service right now is rough. I’m happy that they seem to be at least trying to hold together and keep doing things, but I’m trying not to fixate too much. Biases: J-hyo, Jun. Ships: JunHyo.


They’re Jackie Chan’s boyband, and I checked them out first for that, but it turned out they were awesome, and they have a member older than me, which is great. I really really like them, and can’t wait for more of their stuff. Biases: Eddy,, Prince Mak. Ships: some combo of Eddy/ Mak, I’m not really sure yet.


Damn do they have some voices on them. These ladies are a new girl group as of 2014, and their vocals are amazing. I’m looking forward to more from them. Biases: Moonbyul, Solar. Ships: Moonbyul/Solar (they make jokes about being the moon and sun duo).


They’ve grown on me surprisingly fast, and while I’ve not been crazy about their promotional songs so far, I’ve liked some of their other songs. I also think that their performance aspect is pretty cool, and they’re fun to watch on variety and stuff. Biases: Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung (and a soft spot for BamBam). Ships: MarkJinSon and all subships.


I’m not sure if they belong in kpop or mandpop, but their debut was in Korea, so I’ll put them here. I have a weakness for mixed nationality groups, and for China line in general. They have cote songs, great voices, and a good range of talent. Biases: Tian YiChen, followed closely by Liu GuanXi. Ships: I don’t really know. They’re all cute together.


140928 Hallyu Dream FestivalHappy Bean DO NOT EDIT


140928 Hallyu Dream Festival
Happy Bean DO NOT EDIT

before the boys left the fansign, fans started singing Happy Birthday to them

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