Name: Etienne

Gender: Male

Age: 24

K-pop and Mand-Pop Obsessions:

Things You Are Most Likely To Find Here: Super Junior, Exo, F.cuz, Lunafly, VIXX, JPM, Fei Lun Hai, TimeZ, JJCC, SpeXial, Spica, F(x), Mamamoo.

Also there will be figure skating (special fondness for Denis Ten, all of Team Japan, all of Team China, all of team Korea, and a variety of others as the mood strikes me, I try not to love Juniors for fear of disappointment, but it doesn't work). I also like snakes (especially reticulated pythons and carpet pythons) and post them often.

shit I say to shadowetienne about the Vorkosiverse

  • me: you just know that at one point Ivan pushed Gregor off the dock
  • me: and then Ivan got put in time-out
  • me: for pushing the Emperor of Barrayar into a lake
  • me: and that's why Ivan is great

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140921 F.CUZ - Cha-Ga-Wa @ SBS Inkigayo

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140919: Wu Yifan & A-Listers @ Bazaar Charity Event

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From Cute to Elegance, Ming’s Sushow era’s of cross dressings

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kaisoo hugging during “xoxo”

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people: “benedict cumberbatch is the most attractive actor to play sherlock holmes”


Who dat???? *o*

jeremy brett - he played holmes in the granada television series and he’s a work of art