Name: Etienne

Gender: Male

Age: 24

K-pop and Mand-Pop Obsessions:

Things You Are Most Likely To Find Here (Bias In Parentheses): Super Junior (SungMin, RyeoWook, Zhou Mi, KyuHyun, Henry), Exo (JongDae, YiXing, Kris, Tao, KyungSoo), Lunafly (Teo), LC9 (J-Hyo, E.den, Jun), VIXX (TaekWoon, HongBin), B1A4 (CNU, Sandeul, GongChan), JPM (MaoDi), Fei Lun Hai (Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen), TimeZ (Tian YiChen).

Also there will be figure skating (special fondness for Denis Ten, all of Team Japan, all of Team China, Misha Ge, Kim Yuna, and Michael Christian Martinez). I also like snakes (especially reticulated pythons and carpet pythons) and post them often.


Translation of Kris’ rap 

I want you to completely fill up my throat
My whole body is shaking
No matter how much I drink of you it’s never enough
The poison has spread all the way from my head to my toes
But I cannot deny
Receiving this kind of stimulation
Thrills me
I can’t stop


Chinese lyrics

我想要把你灌满我的喉 全身都在颤抖 就算喝的再多永远都不够 毒性已经蔓延从头到脚 但我不去招架 享受着这种刺激 那么痛快 I Can’t Stop!

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la cha ta → chu~♥ → nu abo
pinocchio → hot summer → electric shock

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Zhou Mimi and his panda.


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in which jongdae turns into a 5 year old



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